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LEXA RAQUEL is a Billboard-charting singer-songwriter and musician based in Tucson, Arizona. Her first solo album was recorded at the age of 20 with the Nashville record company, Desert Sol Records


Growing up immersed in a diverse range of musical genres, from rock 'n' roll to funk and beyond, Lexa has developed a sound that is uniquely her own, blending elements of soul, jazz, and country to create a sound that is both timeless and contemporary.

Her passion for jazz is evident in her recent work, and her upcoming album promises to be a true masterpiece, showcasing Lexa's incredible range, versatility, and artistry.


In addition to her original compositions, Lexa is a masterful interpreter of classic songs, bringing her own fresh and dynamic perspective to every performance that leaves the audience captivated.


Lexa Raquel's upcoming album is a true labor of love, featuring collaborations with some of Tucson's most talented musicians and producers, including Chris Peña and Mike Moynihan.

BILLBOARD CHARTING singer-songwriter and musician, Lexa Raquel is reemerging into the Tucson music scene to release her very first album as an independent artist. Lexa was exposed to a variety of rock ‘n’ roll, funk and everything in between growing up and has recently discovered a passion for jazz after working with The Pete Swan Trio for over a year. These musical influences will be peppered throughout her independent album that is expected to be released by the spring of 2024. Lexa has recently released her very first single produced by Chris Peña titled SO COOL that you can find on all music platforms.


Besides composing, Lexa covers many well known artists ranging from soul to pop with her Ovation, bringing a fresh and unique version to each performance. As a feature artist, Lexa is privileged to come alongside Tucson notable groups including The Railbirdz, Connie Brannock and the Little House of Funk, Khris Dodge Entertainment, The Matrix, Los Gatos Locos, Pete Swan Productions, The Coolers and The Road Warriors. Lexa enjoys spending most of the holiday season at The Gaslight Music Hall in Oro Valley for her residency during their splendid holiday production with some of Tucson’s most talented and well-known singers! You can find her upcoming gigs on the shows


She began honing her talent at the age of 14 from American-Idol finalist and international performer, Crystal Stark. For over a decade, Lexa has admired Crystal as a mentor and enjoys watching the songstress on her journey around the world!


As an ambassador to the international brand Theo Doro, Lexa is honored to represent the enchanting brand that embodies Lexa’s musical style and personality. You can find the Theo Doro collections at!


Check out Lexa’s latest music video directed by Dorota Zglobicka on site at Gila Monster Studios with the Oscar-winning production company Zbig Vision LTD.

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